2016 SAPP Info and PCS Final

Hi all

2016! Pinball is growing everyday, and SAPP is as well. Here is what we have planned for 2016, plus important info regarding the championship on Feburary 13th. Please be sure to read the entire post.

2016 announcements will be done via email to SAPP members, posted on the SAPP website ( www.sapp.ca ) and also posted on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/sapppinball/ ). If you are on Facebook and have not ‘liked’ the page, please do so.

January 26th is our first tournament of 2016, the 5th season of SAPP. It will be held at Sports on Tap. Free play begins at 6 PM, qualifying rounds begin at 7 PM sharp. Be prepared to pay your membership dues! It is $30 this year (new t shirts!).

February 13th is the PCS Championship. This will be held at Sports on Tap. Tournament start time is 12 PM (noon) SHARP. If you are not present at the start of the tournament, you will be disqualified. Entrance fee is $20, or, if everyone agrees, we could make it $40, and have a ‘B’ side tournament as well. Prize pool is dependent on the amount of people who show up (limit is 16 people, ranking is included at the end of the email). We will be providing the same prize as last year for the winner, monetary help to get down to Vegas to represent Saskatchewan in the North American Pinball Championships! You must RSVP for this tournament, ASAP (no later than Feb 1st).

**** If anyone can bring a machine for the day, it would be much appreciated (and compensated by the club). The more machines we have available, the faster the tournament can progress. Machines should be in 100% playing condition. ****

2016 Membership – Dues for this year are $30. There will be a new t-shirt handed out, white shirt with colour SAPP logo. It will include your high score initials on the sleeve. The fee is due ASAP in order to get the shirts. If your membership dues are not paid by the Feb SAPP tourney, your t-shirt will not have the initials on the sleeve and will be a generic shirt.

Due to demand, 2016 also sees the appearance of a Women’s Division, with the first tournament being held on March 1st. Frequency will be determined by the players. If you know of someone that would be interested, let them know. More detailed information to follow as the tournament draws near.

Here is the final rankings for the 2015 season. Some members (and those who are non-members) will not be able to attend the PCS championship, so names may get bumped up into higher positions.

1. Dennis H
2. Eckard W
3. Timm H
4. Ethan B
5. Clayton C
6. Ryan W
7. Garth B
8. Kevin E
9. Travis C
10. Cory K
11. Corbin
12. Jason C
13. Trevor B
14. Brad C
15. Matt P
16. Chad K
17. Bud K
18. Blair M
19. David L

Thanks, and see you soon!

SAPP Executive

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