SAPP Provincial IFPA finals this Saturday, Feb 7th

Hi all

Reminder for the SAPP Provincial IFPA finals this Saturday, Feb 7th with a 12 PM start time. The tournament will be held at Sports on Tap.

Time and machines permitting, we will be having a ‘B’ side tournament of some sort.

2015 membership forms will be available.

List of confirmed attendee’s (1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc)

1st – Eckard W
2nd – Tim H
3rd – Chad K
4th – Clayton C
5th – Jason C
6th – Matt P
7th – Trevor B
8th – Devron G
9th – Kevin E
10th – Bruce M
11th – Chris H – unknown
– Sam S – not attending
12th – Ethan B
13th – Garth B
14th – Dennis H
15th – Ryan W
16th – Brad C – unknown


– David L – not attending
17th – Andy H
18th – Cory K
19th – Kevin M
20th – Ryan S
21st – Travis C
22nd – Blair M
23rd – Halen P
24th – Bud K
25th – Saxon D
26th – Kevin H
27th – Jill E

We need to know who is able to attend. If you cannot attend, the next person ranked will move into your spot. Alternates are listed. If you are an alternate and you are attending, let us know. We will try and have a ‘B’ side tournament start around 1 PM for those not in the main competition or who have lost out in round 1.

Season 4 details will be released shortly.

Hope to see you all out to support pinball in SK!

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